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Free online random number generator

This random number generator is very customizable, powerful and free. It has many features that let you generate the numbers you want and customize the way the random numbers are displayed. Some features of this random number generator:

Set a huge range for the random numbers

-9999999999999999999999999999 - 9999999999999999999999999999 Is that a wide enough range for you? Generate random numbers with a ridiculously low lower limit, and ridiculously high upper limit. Choose the minimum and maximum values that you need. You can also generate as few as 1 random number to as as many as about 10,000 in one go. You can generate multiple random negative and positive numbers in one go easily.

Simulate Anything

If you want to use the random number generator to simulate many throws of a dice for example, you can do it just by setting the numbers to between 1 and 6. Or maybe you want to simulate a lottery pick - just generate 7 random numbers between 1 and 49 for example.

Random number generator with decimal places

Another powerful feature of this random number generator is the ability to include decimal places in the random numbers that are produced. Simply select from the drop down how many decimal points you want included, 0 is the default. You can produce random numbers between -0.5 and 1.5 for example.

Customize output of random numbers

You can customize this random number generator to>display the results in a variety of ways. You can choose that the numbers produced are grouped into sets of a certain size. You can also choose to have them displayed with a certain divider/separator, including with spaces, commas, spaces and commas, or put every result on a new line. You can also sort the numbers from highest to low, and lowest to high (descending and ascending order)

Generate unique random numbers

A very useful feature is the ability to produce only unique numbers in the results. This means there would be no duplicates. If a number has already been picked randomly, it will not be picked and displayed again. This can be useful if you want to randomly pick the order of a set number of things - such as the order your students present. It can also be useful to make sure that only one prize is given out per person when picking names in a raffle, for example.

Sort the random numbers

You can choose to have the random numbers sorted from highest to lowest (descending) or lowest to highest(ascending), or not at all. Sorting the numbers generated can be very useful for when you go to make use of the numbers that are created.

Chryptographic random vs. Pseudorandom?

Cryptographic Random

If you select Cryptographic Random as your number generating engine (this is default), the numbers produced are cryptographically strong. This means the numbers produced are based on the same engine and algorithms that produce random numbers for cryptographic purposes (encryption, decryption). This particular random numebr generator makes use of the ASP.NET System.Security.Cryptography namespace and the RNGCryptoServiceProvider Class. Cryptography is important for financial institutions, order processing, online security, government, etc. One potential drawback is the number generation may be slower when generating large quantities of numbers compared to the pseudo random option.

Pseudo Random

The Pseudo Random engine option means the random number generator will produce random numbers based off of algorithms that are technically random, and meet the definition of random, but use definitive algorithms. This means they would not be ideal for cryptographic purposes. This random number generator makes use the C# Random Class for this purpose. They may be generated a bit faster when you use the random number generator to produce large quantities of numbers.

True random

What about true randomness you may ask? Well true random numbers are themselves theoretical in nature. All random numbers require a certain "seed" value that is put into a complex algorithm that randomizes that value. The more random the seed value the better. However, even the universe has uniformity. Atoms may seem random in nature, but then why does the earth hold together? Or our bodies don't explode? Why does the earth travel in such a uniform pattern around the sun. Believers of true random numbers are by therefore proponents of the fallible Chaos Theory. Or something like that.

Why use random numbers?

Ultimately random numbers can be very useful for a huge variety of purposes, whether it's educational, entertainment, financial, raffle draws, lottery picks, etc. The need for a random number generator that can be customized to your many needs is important.

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